Monday, August 30, 2010

Business Checks as Advertisements

Custom Photo Checks

Business owners need to trim expenses wherever possible, including banking expenses. One way to do this is to purchase business checks online.

Many owners do not realize that they can be obtained through an online printer. Not only can they be bought cheaper, but they can also be customized to serve as advertisements for a company.

Business checks are still in wide use today. However, thanks to online banking and the Interac system, their "personal" cousins have become almost obsolete today.

These kinds are used for employee payroll, workplace expenses and paying vendors or suppliers. They probably will not become obsolete, since the Interac system is not a practical option for the day to day needs and financial transactions of companies.

Purchasing business checks online can sometimes save customers between 20 and 70 percent off bank prices. Other advantages to online buying include:

* Broader range of payment options. Purchasing from the bank usually means that you pay via a debit from your account. Buying from a web-based store typically allows you to pay by major credit card and sometimes even PayPal.

* Convenience. There is no need to wait until certain hours or even to leave home or work. Cheap checks can be purchased via the Internet any time of day and any day of the week, even from home.

* More design options. Web dealers usually have a much bigger product selection. You will have more colors and designs to choose from.

Web-based printers are often able to offer customized designs. Customized versions usually can't be purchased at your financial institution.

Customization gives you a number of options. First, you can add a photo. You can even use multiple photos if you wish. Each single one can be printed with a different photo or with the same photo.

Secondly, you can include your logo or other professional information. You can add these either in place of a photo or in addition to one.

Many online stores also have other customization features. These may include font choices, monograms, background colors or stock logos. Customers are able to pick and choose their own features and create unique products.

Once completed, a customized business check is almost like a personalized business card. It is like handing one to every vendor, employee or store clerk every time you pay.

Customized business checks are a means to a cohesive, coordinated advertising approach. When your favorite method of payment matches all of your other advertising media, you are creating and building brand awareness. Brand awareness means recognition in your marketplace and, ultimately, more sales and bigger profits.

Paying bills is a part of running your company. Advertising while doing so is a practical way to get more for your dollar.

Make sure when you order business checks that your printer is able to work closely with you on your design. They should be able to accept .jpeg and/or .gif files. This will allow you to send them your photo or logo electronically.

It is also best if your supplier is able to send you a proof before printing. After all, you may discover that your logo does not show up on the background color that you chose. You will be able to see your design before it goes to print and make any necessary changes before it is too late.

Finally, make sure that your supplier has some type of a guarantee. Printers should be able to give you a refund or reprint if there are mistakes on your order of business checks.

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