Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Get Personal Checks Delivered Free

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Fewer people bother to order their personal checks from their banks anymore. There are many reasons for this.

For one thing, it is a lot cheaper and convenient to get personal checks online. In addition, it's possible to select from hundreds of designs that range from nature shots to animals, favorite celebrities to your own personal designs. In fact, many personal checks now bear images of the owner's children, wedding pictures or pets.

Are you patriotic and want to show it to everyone you give a check? Then use a design that reflects that patriotism. When it comes to personalization, the sky is the limit.

Of course, if customized designs may be a little more expensive, but still cheaper than those ordered through a bank. The need to place your own stamp on something is driving the market for personalized checks and the market is listening.

There is no shortage of companies willing to meet this increasing demand. It doesn't matter the type of personal check you want, you can get it: whether wallet style, top stub, or with duplicates.

Getting Cheap Checks with Free Shipping

Knowing how to get good quality cheap checks with free shipping takes patience and planning. One easy way to ensure that you get free shipping is to preorder before you need them. In many cases, you have to pay extra shipping when you need to have your personal checks rushed to you.

On average, it takes anywhere from five days to several weeks for mail to arrive in most places. With this information, it makes sense to give yourself some leeway and order when you have at least one month's worth of checks left in hand.

It's important to know when your favorite online supplier runs promotions. Take advantage of special deals as well; such as buying one box at the regular price and getting another box half-price.

Many promotions include reduced prices as well as free shipping. While there may be clauses attached to free shipping, you may still save money by going this route. Learn when deals are available; sign up for notices or newsletter from your supplier.

Online suppliers sell personal checks cheaper than financial institution for one main reason. When banks order for their customers, they charge a fee to place the order. When the bank is taken out of the picture, you only pay the printer for their work.

Ensure that the printing company is reputable and that your financial information is safe. A good company offers security features to protect you against fraud. Put a smile on your face today with cheap personal checks; personalized to fit your needs and shipped free to your home or office.

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