Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tips for a low-cost kitchen renovation

<p>Everyone likes the look of a clean, comfortable kitchen. The combination of stylish marble and stainless steel, stone, tile or chrome, can make an otherwise boring and drab kitchen sparkle like the ones in your favorite magazines. Possibly the biggest barrier that homeowners face when renovating their kitchen is the expense involved. HIgh-end appliances and construction materials used in an ideal kitchen renovation can bring a construction bill to as high as $100,000, and sometimes even more. So, how can a homeowner on a budget get the kitchen of their dreams for less? Use these tips to make it happen for you!</p>


<p>Labor is the single greatest expense that you’ll accrue during a remodel. It isn’t entirely necessary, though. Don’t have the confidence or time for a DIY renovation? Check out your local hardware stores for do-it-yourself workshops that can teach you the basics of renovation. You can learn about tiling, plumbing, and even electrical work at these clinics, and they’re usually free of charge. You might be surprised by how good you can do compared to a contractor since your focus is on quality, while theirs is on profitability.</p>


<p>Ask yourself, do you really need $20,000 worth of appliances in your kitchen? All that just to boil water? Sure, there’s something to be said for having stylish, efficient appliances, but the problem then is that a too stylish kitchen can quickly go out of style, eliminating any equity you’ve added. A better option can be found at your local scratch-and-dent store. Many of these items are in working condition, but sustained shipping damage and were refused. That means as much as 50% - 70% off regular retail prices. That $2,500 stainless steel refrigerator? The crimped corner in the back can make it a $1,000 refrigerator easily. The damaged end will be against the wall anyway, right?</p>

<p><b3>Building Materials</b3></p>

<p>Contractors buy building materials in bulk, estimating to the best of their ability what they will need. If there’s any leftovers, they’ll often sell those materials to discount supply stores rather than letting them sit around. Those stores open to the public may have large quantities of tile, wood flooring, doors, cabinets and plumbing fixtures at very low prices. Use caution, though, as some materials, if they are incomplete cases, such as may be the case with wood flooring, may be difficult to find if you need a few extra pieces to complete your project.</p>

<p>More often than not, the costs associated with a kitchen remodel are based on the sometimes extravagant markup that contractors, suppliers and just about everyone else puts on the products you buy for that remodel. That also tends to be the price quoted when you see the extraordinary kitchen remodels in magazines. So-and-so paid $100,000 for a brand-new kitchen remodel? Chances are good that there’s nearly $50,000 worth of labor cost tacked on to that. Of course, there are some things that you’ll just have a tough time getting around. Some do-it-yourselfers simply can’t stand plumbing. Others tile. Still others don’t like electrical work. If any of these apply to you, you still can farm out the work you don’t want to do, taking care of the rest yourself, and saving a bundle on your kitchen remodeling job.</p>


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