Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tips for saving cash on your phone bill

Cell phone bills are one of the most annoying bills out there that you have to pay monthly to continue using. With today’s smartphones, that can mean hundreds of dollars in frankly unnecessary expenses that are doing you no good whatsoever, but are lining the pockets of corporate executives only too happy to provide you with a place to park your money and forget about it. Unfortunately, cell phone providers have begun to take a cue from the cable television providers in that you can’t simply purchase the services you need or want - you have to purchase packages that usually include less popular features along with a sprinkling of the popular ones. For instance, how many people today really use three-way calling? You might just be paying for the service, even if you’ve never had the occasion to use it. 

Most people today actually use less than they might expect. We are, after all, a society that loves to be prepared. So, are you paying over $250 for a carrier’s “Unlimited” plan thinking that you don’t want to get stuck paying overages? Well, the question then is do you really think that you’ll go over your plan minutes? Why? Sure, if you watch a lot of video on your smartphone, or even if you use your phone to listen to a radio service while you work out, you’ll eat up a pretty sizable chunk of data quicker than you might think. If you don’t, though, and you’re more likely to spend a few minutes a day sharing photos on your social media, you probably shouldn’t be worried about overages even with a basic smartphone plan. These often allow a full gigabyte of data, which, if you aren’t familiar with data storage, is a heck of a lot of still photos, quite a lot of music, or even a surprising number of videos. The first, best way to trim your cell phone bill, therefore, is to make certain that you’re signed up for the right plan for your usage. If you use a smartphone like an ordinary, regular old phone, you’re wasting money, and you should consider a change.

Next up, look for the useless bits on your cell phone bill that you don’t really need. For instance, you might be surprised to find yourself paying for roadside assistance insurance coverage. While this in itself is a good thing, you’ve probably also got roadside assistance through your automobile insurance, your credit card, or even your vehicle warranty. It’s nice to have a selection, but come on, really? Do you need the same coverage through four different carriers? Nope. You sure don’t! Drop the useless stuff from your phone plan that represents duplicate insurance coverage, and you’ll likely save a lot more than you expect every month.

Another great way to save a few bucks on your phone bill is to check to make sure you have the same phone carrier that your most commonly called friends and family have. In most cases, cell phone companies allow you to make calls to people with the same carrier without eating up your minutes. If you do this, then, you’ll be able to get a smaller phone plan than you ordinarily might, and thus pay less per month. 

Use Wifi. Rather than using up data! Just about everywhere you go today, from coffee shops to restaurants and even your buddies’ house can have access to a wifi connection. Anytime you want to download something, avoid using your cell time and use the wifi instead. 

It isn’t difficult to save some money on your cell phone bill - you just have to carefully take a look at how you use your cell phone and then make sure that the plan is tailored to the way that you use the phone!

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