Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to do Cheap Dates Without Seeming Cheap

Dating has always been an expensive endeavor. Well, maybe not so much in the 1980s, when a movie wasn’t much more than a dollar or two, and dinner could be had for not much more. Today, though? It’s a wonder people date at all! Dinner and a movie can easily set you back $150, and a night out on the town can be downright depressing to wake up from the next day, even if you did have a great time. There are concerts that run hundreds of dollars per ticket, and if you’re really bound up, even an afternoon having coffee at your local cafe could be pricy. So, what are you to do? With limited funds available, how do you go about showing off your generous nature without running down your bank account? It isn’t easy, but if you pull it off, the right person will see you as thrifty, fun, and quite the catch!
First off, movies don’t have to be expensive. We only let them be. Just about every town in America has got a dollar theater or two that run second-run movies or flicks that are currently out on DVD. While it would seem that buying the DVD is better at that point, If you haven’t seen the movie, why be bothered about the fact that it’s second-run? The popcorn is usually a better price, as well!

Next up, that traditional dinner date doesn’t necessarily mean a 4-star restaurant every time you go out. In fact, you might just find yourself with the kind of person who ends up thinking that that sort of spending is wasteful, which it is. It may be the case, that toning down the dinner dates, cooking yourself once or twice per month, or even doing the picnic thing every so often makes a better impression than all the fancy restaurants in town will!

If you’re a guy, there’s a fine line you’ll have to walk to make a good impression on your dates- you don’t want to seem cheap, but you don’t want to overdo it, either. For that reason, it’s the best policy in all cases to just be yourself. Don’t try to spend yourself into your friend’s heart. It just won’t work. Instead, try being kind, honest, and forthright. That way, at the very least if it doesn’t work out, you won’t end up in a situation wherein you find yourself stuck with someone who just can’t appreciate all the find qualities you bring to the table!

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