Friday, June 12, 2015

Can Landscaping Help Sell My Home?

These days, folks looking to sell their home are looking at just about anything that might tempt buyers. There are plenty of real estate professionals out there on either side of that particular fence, but the truth is that there’s not really a hard-and-fast rule of thumb that fits every potential buyer every time. Some buyers might like the look of fresh new carpeting, while other buyers might just rip it up during the redecoration process anyway, making the purchase a waste. 

Landscaping is perhaps the biggest gray area when it comes to reselling your home. First off, it should be noted that the installation of gorgeous hardscaping, exotic plants and high-end mulch won’t boost the overall value of your home. That being said, the lack of an at least halfway decent looking landscape can seriously detract from your home’s salability. There’s a happy medium there, and if you take the time to really think about what you would yourself like to see in a landscape, you’ll have a pretty good idea what potential buyers in your area are looking for.

The grass is typically one of the biggest components of a pretty, but not entirely over-the-top landscape. What you want to shoot for is to have a similar yard to your neighbors. That means that if your neighbors have got a pretty decent looking lawn, then your dirt patch and gravel isn’t going to score you brownie points with most buyers. It should be easy to navigate with a mower, and particularly on the day of showings, make sure it’s trimmed to the right height and all the trimmings raked up or blown off of concrete.

Flower beds are a secondary aspect of the landscaping, but are often overlooked. Make certain that your existing flower beds are weeded and the flowers neat. Borders are an inexpensive way to add a striking contrast between the flower beds and the lawn, so don’t skimp on them thinking that they won’t do any good anyway. They’re a detail that won’t often be overlooked. 

Hardscaping is the walkways and concrete of your landscape, and to make a good impression on potential buyers, make sure it’s in good repair. Buckled driveways or sidewalks should be fixed before the home is listed in order to secure the best possible price, but don’t think you have to invest thousands of dollars in magazine-worthy gardening projects.

Typically, the “sweet spot” for landscape decorating is to just make sure that everything looks and feels tidy. Painting fences, replacing or removing broken ornaments, and keeping weeds at bay, in addition to the tips listed above, will ensure that you don’t get a lowball offer for your home based on an ugly exterior. While you don’t have to go overboard, it’s a good idea to make your landscape look as though you really did care about it.

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