Monday, November 16, 2015

Are Expensive Shoes Worthwhile?

While for some, the decision to buy expensive shoes rather than cheap shoes is one of maintaining a fashionable look, for others it is one of practicality, comfort, and affordability. Paying over $100 for a pair of shoes just seems outrageous to some, but is it? Often, you hear about people who pay much, much more for shoes, insisting that they get better longevity from them, that they are more comfortable, and look better. All these are good points to consider in our society in which we typically get into the habit of buying something cheap, using it up, and throwing it out. How many of us today have really visited a cobbler to have shoes repaired? Very, very few, if my guess is correct.

Expensive shoes are all a matter of perspective, and before you begin thinking that all expensive shoes are fantastic, it has to be said that more often than not, a sneaker is a sneaker. Paying for rarity, popularity, or fashion is counterproductive when you’re trying to get the most value for your shoes. Sure, there are $200 sneakers that are insanely comfortable, but they typically aren’t produced by the major manufacturers. They are instead produced by companies that operate on a slightly smaller scale. Do they still operate factories overseas? Yes. Often, shoe manufacturers use the same factories to produce their goods. That does not mean they are of similar quality, though. Every aspect of the production process is strictly controlled, so one assembler may produce an inferior quality shoe one day to meet a price point, and the next day produce a higher quality shoe. 

High quality shoes and boots have a few hallmarks that set them apart, aside from just the price tag. They often don’t use much, if any glue in their construction, and have removable foot pads that allow you to replace them when they wear out without throwing out the shoe all together. Beneath this foot pad (on boots,) you will often find the heel tacked to the bottom of the shoe. The leather is often thicker, but not always softer- top-grain hide takes a while to break in, but when it does, it molds nicely to the foot, providing more support and a better fit. 

Athletic shoes are one thing, but work shoes and dress shoes are two categories in which cheap shoes are not ideal. After all, if you spend $40 on shoes that wear out in three months because you’re spending your day walking on concrete floors, you’re not really doing yourself any favors. Additionally, its safe to say that your dress shoes are typically going to be a classic style that will be around for ten or more years, if not longer still. If this is the case, then why go cheap? For starters, good shoes are an investment, and you don’t want to have to make that investment very often. If they’re comfortable, then you’ll be more likely to want to wear them. 

Through it all, high-quality shoes do more than look great and last longer. They can help prevent aches and pains associated with standing at work all day or walking long distances. If you’re more comfortable, more productive, and better able to handle the stress of the day, then simply put: why not wear top-quality shoes? The benefit to your health and well-being is well worth it!


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