Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Killer Tips for making your move inexpensive and trouble-free!

Moving can be either an incredibly expensive undertaking, or it can be just modestly expensive. Whether you’re moving from one state to another, or just across town, you can bet it’s going to cost you more than you expect.

The average professional household move these days clocks in at $12,230, an ugly price tag to behold when you’ve just paid off a real estate agent or dealt with negative equity on your mortgage. While it is possible to cut those costs somewhat, there’s really only so much you can cut. You’re going to need a moving truck, and you’re going to have to take time off work. Even if you don’t hire a professional moving crew to make the job easier for you, you still have loads of expenses to contend with. That doesn’t mean that you can’t save a few bucks here and there, though. You just have to be smart about planning for your move. With that in mind, here are some tips that might just minimize the damage to your wallet.

1. Have a yard sale!   Yard sales will help you out in two ways. First, a sale will earn you some cash to offset the cost of a move. The bright side is that the more you sell, the more you’ll make! While this isn’t necessarily a way to reduce the actual cost of a move in the traditional sense, it will help you avoid having to dip into savings to get on the road. Additionally, it might just reduce the cost of your move depending on how much you sell. For instance, if you sell your bedroom suite because you want a new one and most of the excess stuff that you’ve collected in your garage and don’t need, than you might just find that you don’t need as big a truck as you thought you would.

2. Enlist your friends.  Sure, this is easier said than done, because who really wants to help anyone move? If you’ve skipped out on helping a friend move, than you might be out of luck here, but if you’ve been a solid helper-outer through the years, call in those favors! Chances are good at least a few of your friends have trucks and trailers, so if you make it easy for them, and provide dinner and gas money, you might just be able to talk them into an evening’s work on the weekend.

3. Shop around the moving companies.  If you’re not going the move on your own, its a good idea to price out the moving companies and see what sort of deals might be available. Remember to ask about veteran’s or senior discounts, and don’t be afraid to ask a company you prefer to price match a competitor. They just might say yes.

4.  Move in the off-season.  Lots of people move during the summer holiday, when the kids are going to be out of school. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all moving companies will be cheaper to move your stuff in the autumn, winter, and spring, but some might, and its definitely worth checking out.

Moving is an expensive deal, but it doesn’t have to break you. If you’ve got better opportunities elsewhere, and do your best to save some cash during your move, you might be surprised by how trouble-free your move can be!

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