Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best finance and business podcasts for you to listen to!

Podcasting has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, to such point that there are literally podcasts for every interest, hobby, or pursuit under the sun, from from cheese enthusiast podcasts to podcasts about podcasts! They’re a great way to take in information on the sly, while you’re cleaning up the house, dealing with down time at work, or doing your workout, so they’re a perfect way to improve your understanding of money and personal finance. Check out these podcasts next time you’re hard up for something to listen to, and have budgeting on your mind!

Planet Money - This awesome NPR podcast turns the usually dry world of economics on its ear, explaining how the economy works, and why Econ 101 isn’t quite as easy as pundits would have us believe. Totally non-partisan in all respects, this great podcast is fun without explaining over people’s heads. 

The Dave Ramsey Show - These days, it’s almost impossible to separate politics from money, but regardless of which side of the political spectrum you lean to, Dave Ramsey is a worthwhile go-to for getting your personal finances in order. Providing common-sense advice for everything from budgets to businesses, The occasional political rant is worth wading through to get at the good stuff- what is easily the best budgeting advice you’ll ever receive, bar none.

Freakonomics - Easily one of the best podcasts out now, Freakonomics takes you through the frankly weird world of oddball economics in topics like boycotts, predicting the future, and why you should be in a rock band. You’ll find yourself wishing that they could produce more than a few podcasts per month, but they’re definitely worth the wait!

TED Talks Business - Covering a wide range of thought-provoking topics, TED Talks collects the most innovative thinkers in every field and gives them the stage to share their thoughts and passions with you. The result is some of the best ideas pushing society forward today. You might just find yourself keeping a few favorites on your player for regular rotation to keep you motivated in your own life!

There are hundreds more personal finance and business podcasts out there, so pick a few, and find yourself looking forward to learning about finances and getting your money in shape today!

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